Custom or Contract Instruction

We offer customized workshops, presentations, and online instruction to University and non-University groups on a range of academic topics, such as:

  • the transition to university 
  • time management and scheduling 
  • note-taking, reading, and study strategies 
  • exam strategies and test anxiety 
  • preparation for dissertation/oral defense/candidacy; conference presentations/poster sessions; essay, multiple choice, and certification examinations 
  • public speaking, impromptu presentations, and PowerPoint/Prezi presentations 
  • university-level writing skills, including writing basics such as grammar, punctuation, and the use of academic sources 
  • literature reviews and funding proposals 
  • graduate thesis/dissertation writing

We have worked with high schools, university student groups, graduate, and post-graduate programs, professional certification programs, and community organizations.

Our customized services are tailored to your needs. For details and to request a quote, please contact our office at 780-492-2682.