Program Description

Students enrolled in the Fresh Start Program must fulfill a number of program requirements:

  • Supplementary instruction or other assistance such as math help, effective writing, time management, study skills, EAP courses, etc., may be required as assessed by the Faculty from which the student received a “Required to Withdraw” letter, the Fresh Start Advisor, and/or other staff in the Student Success Centre. 
  • Students will take a reduced course load of between *18 and *24 credits in a single academic year consisting of the Fall and Winter terms.
  • All students are required to successfully complete an online non-credit course (entitled "Fresh Start Cognitive Strategies"). The course is offered by the Student Success Centre in the Fall term of the academic year, and includes regular graded assessments (i.e., quizzes and assignments). A fee of $500 will be assessed for this course.
  • All students are required to attend seven Fresh Start seminars throughout the academic year.
  • Upon completion of the Fresh Start Program, consideration for admission or readmission to any Faculty requires successful completion of a designated number of credits with the required GPA as identified by the Faculty to which a student applies. Fresh Start students are required to contact the Faculty to which they are seeking admission or readmission to clarify these requirements. Upon successful completion of the Fresh Start Program, students may be eligible for readmission into their referring Faculty; or, students may decide to apply for admission to another Faculty of your choice.
Complete program details are included in the Fresh Start Program Guidelines and reviewed in the Cognitive Strategies for Academic Success course. For more information, review Fresh Start General Admission and Open Studies Fresh Start Program in the University of Alberta Calendar.

Please note:

  • Completion of the Fresh Start Program does not guarantee admission or readmission to any particular Faculty at the University of Alberta. Students must meet the Faculty’s admission/readmission requirements.
  • If you were recommended to the Fresh Start Program by the Faculty of Engineering, please note that you will not be readmitted to the Faculty of Engineering and you will need to select another faculty in which to complete a degree.
  • Students may enroll in the Fresh Start Program one time only.
  • Students registered with Student Accessibility Services (SAS) may qualify for special accommodations.