Pre-University Students

The start of university is an exciting time — and a bit daunting for many students! You may wonder what to expect, how university will be different from high school, or how to deal with studying and exams. Your success at university depends on your ability to adapt to your new learning environment. Here are some resources and tips that will help you start off on the right track:

  • Sign up for T2U: Transition to University, an online course designed specifically to help new students adapt to university academic and social life. 
  • Take academic workshops during your first year — they will help you develop the skills you need for learning and writing at university. The Academic Success Plan and Writing for University, in particular, are designed to help you quickly develop the skills you need to succeed here.
  • Participate in Students’ Union orientation activities, and orientation programs such as BaseCamp for students in first-year residence, or Transitions and U of A+ for new international students.
  • Ask for help — all students need assistance at some point, and it’s strategic to get answers for your questions as soon as possible. The resources listed above are a great place to start.
And, remember that the transition to university is a process — it takes time to adjust, so be patient with yourself and enjoy the journey!

High School Students: Whether you are preparing for university or looking for academic skills for your high school learning, we can help. High school students are eligible to register for our group workshops and can book individual appointments to meet with a specialist one-on-one. Contact our office for details.