Undergraduate Students

To succeed at university, you need the most effective and efficient academic strategies. You can strengthen your academic skills to help with a particular course or to take your achievement to the highest level. At the Student Success Centre, we help students develop their skills in the following areas:

  • Exam preparation and exam anxiety
  • How to study effectively
  • How to write research papers and how to approach other academic writing
  • Note-taking and lecture preparation
  • Presentations and public speaking
  • Reading textbooks, research papers, and other academic materials
  • Scheduling and time management
  • Writing mechanics and grammar
Registration is now open for group workshops, or you can sign up for an individual appointment with one of our learning specialists. 

Not sure which is the best fit for you? Please contact us with your questions.

Please note: we are not subject-specific tutors. For subject-specific tutors, check out the Students’ Union Tutor Registry. Many departments and programs on campus also offer drop-in help sessions and peer tutoring; check individual department websites for details.