Studying and Reading Workshops

A crucial part to academic success is getting through courses while actually learning the content along the way. Common studying and reading challenges students face include:

  • struggling with time management or procrastination
  • frustration with lecture notes, PowerPoint handouts, or studying in general
  • feeling overwhelmed by course readings or complex facts and details needed for exams
  • not knowing what to study and when
  • spend hours reading without remembering what was read the next day
  • struggle to understand and organize material from readings

All university students spend a lot of time studying and reading, but it is possible for your reading to be more productive and useful—as well as less time-consuming. Developing effective strategies is one of your most valuable tools for success at university—regardless of the program you are in or your level of study. 

We help undergraduate students, graduate students, postdoctoral fellows and faculty members in all university programs tackle various academic challenges.

Strategies for Academic Success Workshop Package

($175 + 1 complimentary individual consultation. In-person or phone registration only.)
Plan for success with five workshops scheduled to keep you on track throughout the term: Time Management, Study Strategies, Exam Management, The ABCs of Multiple Choice, and Final Exam Planning. Students will also receive one complimentary individual consultation.

For Academic Bootcamp Participants Only: Build on Your Academic Bootcamp head start with Exam Management, exam Formats, and Final Exam Planning workshops. Students will also receive one complimentary individual consultations. ($105. In person or phone registration only)

Individual Workshops

Managing Major Projects ($40)

Balancing your coursework, research, projects, and personal life can be difficult, especially when dealing with procrastination. Learn practical scheduling strategies to help you become more productive and less stressed, as well as strategies for dealing with distractions. NoteRecommended for senior undergraduates and graduate students. 

Reading Research Papers ($40)
Do you need to sort through numerous research papers and remember the main focus of each? Learn to become effective in your reading to make the most of your time and effort. NoteRecommended for senior undergraduates and graduate students.

Study Strategies ($40)
Does it feel like you study for hours without learning anything?  Discover practical strategies for reading, note-taking and remembering to help you study efficiently and effectively. Bring along your course outlines.

Time Management ($40)
Think you have to study 24/7 to ace university? Not so. Learn how to maximize your learning by effectively structuring your study time with practical weekly and monthly schedules. Bring along your course outlines.

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You can also receive expert help with any of these academic skills in an individual personalized appointment. Check out our online courses available to U of A students with a valid Campus Computing ID (CCID).