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Let's face it - writing is hard because it’s complicated. It involves a wide range of skills – critical, organizational, stylistic, and editorial. We all bring different strengths to the table, and we all have weaknesses. 

That’s why writing support at the Student Success Centre is personalized.

It’s based on understanding your particular needs, and working with you to develop skills that will help you at university – and in the long run. 

We offer small, writing-intensive workshops to undergraduate students, graduate students, postdoctoral fellows and faculty members that focus not only on improving your writing skills, but on preparing specialized documents and using sources correctly.

Effective Academic Writing Workshop Packages

Develop your writing skills and increase your writing confidence by taking multiple sessions. Writing Packages available include:
  • Any five (paid) writing workshops for $175 + receive a complimentary individual consultation
  • Any seven (paid) writing workshops for $250 + receive 2 complimentary individual consultations 

Individual Workshops

Characteristics of Effective Academic Writing
Attend this FREE session that will present seven characteristics that contribute to making writing effective. You will also learn about other seminars we offer and how we can help you in your efforts to improve your writing.

Crafting a Thesis Proposal ($50)
An effective proposal serves as both an argument for the merit of your project and a planning document for future work. Learn techniques and strategies that will help you to craft a persuasive argument that enables your success. Recommended for graduate students.

Editing a Chapter for Publication ($50)
Looking to convert a chapter of your Thesis into an article? This workshop will explore strategies for: (a) reframing your text, (b) selecting a journal, and (c) responding to readers' critiques. It will focus on traditional, rather than paper-based, thesis chapters. Recommended for graduate students.

Keeping Your Writing on Track (Free)
This free one-hour session is intended for all graduate students who plan to undertake a major writing project in the coming months or years.  The session will be held twice in Room 4-02 SUB: once on Friday, Sept. 8 at 1 p.m., and once on Wednesday, Sept. 13 at 1 p.m. Everyone is welcome; we ask that students contact us via e-mail to let us know if they plan to attend.

Paraphrasing Effectively and Correctly ($40)
They tell you to "put it in your own words." But what does that really mean and how do you do it without being accused of plagiarism? Paraphrasing is a skill that takes time and effort - begin that skill development here.

Quoting Effectively and Correctly (Free)
Why and how do we use quotations? How many is too many? Learn to grammatically, logically, and smoothly integrate the words of others to enhance your own words.

The Literature Review: Writing about Writing in the Social Sciences ($50)
Do you find it difficult to write about other work without sounding redundant? Craft an effective literature review chapter for a thesis/dissertation in the social sciences. Writers in other disciplines may also benefit.  
Recommended for graduate students.

Thesis-Writing Strategies
Thesis writing is complicated. Some of its biggest challenges – from avoiding procrastination to finding ways of engaging readers effectively – are shared by authors across the disciplines. Other strategic choices are tied to conventions that are specific to a field of study. We offer courses to help you address both kinds of challenges. Recommended for graduate students.

First Steps: Getting Started on Your Thesis ($100) This four-part course provides practical strategies for making the early stages of thesis-writing less stressful: by avoiding procrastination, choosing an effective structure for a thesis, engaging the reader's interest at the beginning of the text, and framing the thesis effectively. Open to writers in all fields.

A Thesis Writer's Workshop ($100) This four-part course helps writers to develop effective thesis chapters. We read examples from the field, workshop students' own drafts, and discuss principles of editing and project management. Our environment is friendly and supportive, and our advice is practical.

To Your Credit: Using the Words & Ideas of Others Correctly ($40)
Do you worry about plagiarism while completing coursework or writing your thesis? This seminar will help you understand what plagiarism is and is not, show proper and effective integration of the words and ideas of others, and how to avoid situations that lead to plagiarism. 
Writing an Effective Funding Proposal ($50)
Tackling that funding proposal but unsure of how to present your request? Learn strategies to increase the probability of reviewers responding positively to your scholarship or funding proposal. Recommended for graduate students, postdoctoral fellows and faculty members. 

Writing Effective Theses, Introductions, and Conclusions ($40)
What should an effective introduction have and do? Where should your thesis go? Can conclusions do more than conclude? Learn how to set-up, begin, and end essays.

Writing (and studying for) In-Class Essays ($40)
Having issues preparing for and writing in-class essays? Learn how to study for and produce time-limited, single-draft writing as expected in essay exam situations. 

Writing for Clarity ($40)
Why is your writing so clear to you and not to others? Learn how to improve sentence level clarity and write for a specific audience and purpose.

Writing for Coherence ($40)
Why can't people follow your ideas when they are all so clear to you? Where's the flow? Learn how to connect your ideas and paragraphs structurally, smoothly, and logically.

Writing for Conciseness ($40)
Most of us are wordy. Period. Don't be. Learn how not to be wordy.

Writing for Correctness ($40)
Do you know how to use a comma? Are you sure? Correct use of grammar and punctuation isn't everything, but it is important, making a difference in what you say and how your are received.
Writing to Revise ($40)
What's the difference between correcting and revising a paper? Learn some tips on how to see your writing better and move from making your writing merely correct to making it effective. 

Writing Your Thesis or Dissertation in Two Pages a Day ($40)
You can write your thesis or dissertation in as little as two pages a day. Come and learn strategies for breaking your writing up into chunks, otherwise known as short sections. We will discuss how to use these blocks of text to build a chapter. 

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